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Mail Configuration

username: c703xxxx
username: c703xxxx
port: 993 	 
encryption: SSL/TLS
Authentication method: Normal Password
username: c703xxxx
port: 465 	 
encryption: SSL/TLS
Authentication method: Normal Password

University LDAP configuration (in Thunderbird)

Account Settings → Composition and Adressing → edit Directories:

General Settings:

Name: 	Universität Innsbruck
Base DN: dc=uibk,dc=ac,dc=at
Port:	636
Bind DN: uid=cxxxxxx,ou=uibk,ou=people,dc=uibk,dc=ac,dc=at
SSL: activate

Webmail (Outlook Web App)

Further Information on Mail

Exchange-Calendar in Thunderbird

Official support is not given, neither by Mozilla nor Microsoft.

Nevertheless, there is a PlugIn called TbSync which is able to sync calendar/contacts over the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol:

Thunderbird PlugIn TbSync

There is also an outdated, (almost) stable project which is offering calendar support for Thunderbird over a xpi-PlugIn:

Exchange EWS Provider v3.9.0

Stable for reading Exchange Calendar entries. It is also possible to add/update entries, but it seems like it takes some time that all data is synchronized properly. doku

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